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A couple of people out here are having various body issues that they are undergoing and they are not even aware of it at all. In the event that these diseases are not recognized and treated as early as possible, then they may even get to result to chronic problems that the person will be forced to endure later in life. Facet diseases is said to be one of the problems that many people nowadays are being affected with no matter their age that they have.

This is said to be a term that mostly describes that painful degradation of the facet joints in the spine. The main reason as to why many people are facing the back pains is due to the wear and tear of the facet joints that later results to facet disease. Many people do not know about the existence of the facet joints that are found in our backs. Some of the things that they do in our backs is to ensure that they are able to absorb the shock that is transferred to our backs and also be able to withstand the pressure exerted in our backs. As we continue to grow old every day, the joints in the spine are wearing out and as time goes by, they start to become painful.

It is this kind of pain that we experience as the facet joints in the spine age that is referred to as the facet disease by the medical practitioners. It is due to the lack of proper knowledge that many people will refer to that condition as stiffness or at times, they will say that they have soreness at their back. Pain is one of the problems that we experience and also is the major symptom of the disease. Other signs that one can be able to know that they are experiencing this kind of problem is like that of decreased mobility and flexibility. A person that has got this problem will find it hard for them to move around like they could do, back then.

Tenderness around the joints is also another kind of symptom that a person may be experiencing that leads to the facet disease. As an individual that cares for themselves, if you are able to note that you have some of these problems like decreased mobility and flexibility, and other signs and symptoms, then you should be able to seek the required medical assistance as soon as possible so that you can be treated early enough preventing the disease from advancing more than where it has reached. Some of the problems that are may make a person to experience such problems are things like aging and also the normal wear and tear of the facet joints that we have in our spines. Experiencing abnormal stress and strains are some of the things that cause such conditions. Other sets that cause these problem are things like being involved in an accident or a sport injury.

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